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Progress Report

Trickle of new games and quality updates

I'm currently working through some Windows 95 era shareware discs.  These are a little more time consuming because the files are often extracted on the CD-ROM's so I end up looking through hundreds of folders to determine what has been cataloged and what has not.  If the files are in archives I can often make a quick automated pass to weed out 90% of the duplicate entries right away.

Along with adding new Windows software I am also updating current entries.  When only a single "named person" (author / creator) is listed and there is no company name they used I am moving that entry to the creator field.  When I ran my own site I used a named-persons field which was searchable for authors.  With the system that value works better in the creator field for searching.

I am also updating 1995-1997 software to support the online emulator when possible.  A lot of entries in this time period are installers or require Windows 95 or unusual dll files.  Due to this for a period of time I was not attempting to enable online play for a lot of uploads.  I've now figured out how to correctly identify whether the game should run on the Windows 3.1 emulator when I do my initial pass.

I'm still kicking around the idea of creating a "sister" application collection to the main gaming collection.  My idea with this is to use some manually automated scripts to upload files in bulk and automatically import descriptions from file_id.diz or vendinfo.diz files.  The quality of the meta data would be poor, online play would not be enabled, and the amount of people interested in the majority of the files would be minuscule.  However, I believe it would be better overall than simply having those files available on the main shareware CD rom images?