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Win 3.1 Rolling In

Windows games being added

Close to 200 Windows games have been added into the collection over the last month or so.  I have about 250 more to go which should be Windows 3.1 compatible.  I then have about 350 Windows 95 games to add.  Then on to the next set.

The nice thing about the set I am currently working through is they are sorted into 16-bit and 32-bit.  This means as I find 16-bit duplicates which are already in the collection, but are older games (1995-1998), I know I can go into the online collection and enable online play.  I'm doing this whenever the game is not in a installer.

I would guess 99% of the games I have been uploading are what I classify as "board" games (literal board games, card games, casino games).  I'm interested to see if the 32-bit titles remain that heavily weighted towards simple casual games, or if programmers in that era did more.  It sure doesn't seem like DOS shareware was that heavily titled towards card games does it?