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 **Primary Collections**\\ **Primary Collections**\\
 [[https://​​details/​classicpcgames|Classic PC Games]]\\ [[https://​​details/​classicpcgames|Classic PC Games]]\\
 +[[https://​​details/​DEMU_Collection|DEMU Collection]]\\
 Image Collection\\ Image Collection\\
 [[https://​​user/​Swizzley|Video Collection]] [[https://​​user/​Swizzley|Video Collection]]
 **Curated Collections**\\ **Curated Collections**\\
-[[dhof|Demo Hall of Fame]]\\ +Demo Hall of Fame\\ 
-[[fhof|Freeware Hall of Fame]]\\ +Freeware Hall of Fame\\ 
-[[shof|Shareware Hall of Fame]]+Shareware Hall of Fame
 **Experimental**\\ **Experimental**\\
-[[1001|1001 Let's Play]]+1001 Let's Play\\ 
 +Retro Refresh
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