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FS-PRO Series 9.3P (1990)
FS-PRO is a series of modules (programs) that allow you to use Flight Simulator as an educational tool and still have all of the fun with PC-Flying. With FS-PRO you can effectively manage your Flight Simulator MODES and create and maintain your own, personal library of flying scenerios; for yourself or to share with friends. Version 10 works with Microsoft's Flight Simulator Version 3 or 4. It's user selectable. Any version of FS-PRO below Series 10 will ONLY work with Flight Simulator 3.

FS-PRO has evolved into a PC-Pilot's "dream machine" with many flight-related modules to discover. Create realistic FLIGHT PLANS for your flying adventures and play around with a powerful PILOT'S CALCULATOR. "Fly" your adventures right from the FS-PRO menu.

We provide you with about 1200 Flight Simulator AIRPORTS that are already in a data base to which you can ADD up to 9,000 additional entries. You also get a nice selection of READY-TO-FLY ADVENTURES that demonstrate some practical and fun ways to use FS-PRO.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the FS-PRO system and flying some of the DEMO-Adventures. Whether you are a "serious" PC pilot or just enjoy occassional flying, FS-PRO will make your flights easier to load and, with flight plans, much more realistic.
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