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Ghost Town ]I[: The Final Draw (1990)
TopSoft Software
Ghost Town ]I[ is an interactive multi-user door program written for many different types of BBS's. It is for ansi users only since most of the options contain ansi. The main object of the game is to destroy the newly formed villainous group called The Pioneers Of Destruction.

On September 17, 1883, in the newly validated California, Indians became scarce and a band of evil villains stormed and raided the gold-enchanted coast. Their name was the Pioneers of Destruction; they truly have lived up to their name in the past three years. During these three years, you have been unsuccessfully tracking Billy the Kid, and you suspect he is the leader of this evil group. On the other hand, you have been enjoying yourself in the warm comfort of the people who have heard of your past heroic deeds. However, this has drastically changed; talk of villages being rampaged and innocent people being killed have become more frequent. As a former promise to spread good throughout the world, you are driven to destroy the Pioneers of Destruction.
Subjects: BBS games
Creator: TopSoft Software
License: shareware
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