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Gravity Well v2.3 (32 bit) (1995)
Software Engineering
The age old conflict rages onward, spreading into another previously uncharted region of space. The race is on once again to establish strategic footholds and vital supply lines. Four separate races struggle for dominance in a continuing battle for the stars. Planet by planet, sector by sector, the galaxy is claimed by those who can take it.

Gravity Well is a fast paced game of planetary conquest for Windows. It is a strategic war game that is played like an arcade game. The game represents a simple interstellar economy that supports the discovery and conquest of new worlds. The player's role is to scout new planets and establish landing sites for the colonization ships that follow. Once a landing site is established, freighters will be dispatched to begin construction of a base and colony complex. Beware though, you are not alone. There are others with the same designs on this sector of space as you have. Be prepared to fight for every stinking dirtball.
Subjects: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Action games
Creator: Software Engineering
License: shareware
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