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Championship Othello v3.0 (1986)
Frank LaRosa
OTHPC plays the popular board game Othello. This is a one-player game, with you pitted against the computer in a duel of skill and strategy. The game is played by placing a piece of your color on the 8x8 game board so that a row of your opponent's pieces is surrounded, with a piece of yours on either end. All of the opponent's pieces so "outflanked" are turned to your color. The object is to have the most pieces when the entire board is filled.

Playing the game is fairly straightforward. The dark colored pieces are yours, and the computer plays the light pieces. To execute a move, use the arrow keys to position the blinking cursor at the desired position, and press the Return key. Your move will be recorded and the program will respond with its countermove.

In addition there are 9 special functions you can perform. These are shown along the bottom of the screen and are selected by pressing the first letter of the command (shown in angle brackets).
Subjects: Vintage computer games, Board games, DOS games
Creator: Frank LaRosa
License: shareware
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