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Trivia 2000 - 2nd Edition (1986)
TAK Theory
This is the second edition (People & Music) for TRIVIA 2000. TAK Theory acknowledges those responsible for the accumulation, research and donation to the public domain of this information, which made this edition possible. 

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This second edition has no program bug fixes or doc updates included. But rest assured, these things too are coming. In the works is a version of the game with an option to select B/W or RGB monitor, as the contrast is poor on non-color monitors. Also in the works is a third, yes a third, edition of more questions than you thought possible for you trivia die hards. Pursue on! Thank you for playing TRIVIA 2000. As always, your comments are solicited. 
Subjects: Vintage computer games, DOS games, Puzzle games
Creator: TAK Theory
License: shareware
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