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The Queen of Fighters (2005)
Daniel Barrera
The Queen of Fighters" is a M.U.G.E.N. fighting game in which popular female anime and videogame characters fight against each other in the nude. So if you ever wanted to see Sailor Moon, Ranma, Sakura, Felicia or Rogue fighting naked, this game is for you... If you don't care about that kind of stuff you still get a great beat'em up game with a fantastic roster (there are about 100 playable characters) and a great variety of moves you can perform, several 1-player and 2-player modes, as well as control and difficulty settings. Because of the great number of fighters that were imported from several games, there is a certain inconsistency in strengths and weaknesses of the characters. That means it is very hard to win with some of them and very easy with others. But apart from that, this is an excellent M.U.G.E.N. game that offers many hours of fun. So get into the ring and become the queen of fighters!
Subjects: Windows games, Vintage computer games, Action games
Creator: Daniel Barrera
License: Freeware
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