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Explorer 2 (1986)
Explorer 2 does have some faults, which I would find hard to correct, so I will try to show you how to get around them without giving anything away. First off, when you use a command involving a character in the game, you probably should use the whole name the computer gives you. For example, if there exists a character called "green elf" in the program, then, if you were to talk to it, you should use the command "talk to green elf" instead of "talk to elf". Also, if a command does not work, and you think it should, try rephrasing it; I may have left out the verb, or the computer misinterpreted the command. 

Another thing to note is that this adventure does not have any facility to save and restore your position. This should not be a problem, as the adventure is relatively small, and you can cover your tracks easily. 

This program should run on all computers having a REGULAR color graphics adapter (Maybe the EGA also, I don't know for certain), including the PCjr. It may not run on computers using other cards, because it changes the number of lines per screen from 25 to 27, allowing more information to be put on the screen. Also, on the jr, it sets the border color. It was originally intended to run with a high-white screen instead of the dull white it now uses, but I would of had some problems with compatibility, and some monitors would not take the intense white very well. 

This program was written under Turbo Pascal 3.0 on a PCjr with 256Kb
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