GFX News Vol 1, Number 4

November / December 1994


GFX News - Nov/Dec 94 - Volume 1 Number 4

A NEW magazine that brings you the latest

computer NEWS and REVIEWS in full-screen,

Super VGA, high-resolution color GraFiX!

===>This issue: Zenon Pentium 90, OS/2

Warp, Mosaic and Netscape internet

browsers, and SLIP internet connections.


Thanks for taking the time to download the Nov/Dec 1994 issue of

"GFX News"

(Pronounced "gee-eff-ex News")

GFX News comes from the same creators as GIF News, another

magazine launched back in November 1988 that followed the same


Each page of the magazine is stored in .GIF file format.

GIF viewers are widespread and freely available for all types of

computer systems. This issue of GFX News uses screen resolution

of 640x480 pixels in 256 colors.

Each .GIF file represents one page of the magazine. They are

ordered in the following way, so you know what page you are reading.

You can also tell the month and year of the issue you are reading by

the filename.

gn9411-1.gif <--- Page 1

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gn9411-3.gif <--- Page 3

gn9411-4.gif <--- Page 4


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GFX News | Month

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In this archive the following files should be included: [Volume 1 Number 4 Released: Nov 30, 1994]

file_id.diz <--- BBS file descriptor

gn9409.txt <--- This text file that you are reading right now

gn9409-1.gif <--- Page 1

gn9409-2.gif <--- Page 2

gn9409-3.gif <--- Page 3

gn9409-4.gif <--- Page 4

I hope you enjoy reading the Sept/Oct issue of GFX News. Your comments

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Thank you,

Eric Hsiao

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