GIF News Issue 13

March / April 1991


Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.'s

GIF News

March/April 1991

Released: March 8, 1991

After about a week delay, the March/April issue is finally here.

I apologize for the delay. Anyway, this issue has articles on:

Workstations of the 90's, telephone companies charging business rates

on BBS phone lines, Amiga 24-Bit graphics, ATI VGA Wonder+, a new

different Soundtracker player for the Sound Blaster, and alot more.

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There have been some new features and major changes to

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Here is a list of them:

* The 4th page of GIF News is a MCGA/VGA 320x200 in 256 Color

page, GIF News' first VGA page. The filename, instead of

being called GN9103-4.GIF is instead called GN9103V4.GIF

where the V stands for VGA. The first three pictures are

still in 640x350 16 color EGA.

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