GIF News Issue 18

January / February 1992


GIF News

January/February 1992

Issue #18

(C)1992 Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.

Release date: January 3, 1992

------------------- From the Desk of the Editor -------------------------

Hi, this is Eric Hsiao, the creator of GIF News. In the November 1991

issue, I mentioned a seperate December 1991 issue. Unfortunately, that

issue was never released. The main reason behind this was because we

had hoped to have the AdLib Gold Card to review for our feature story.

However, due to hardware chip problems, the Gold Card was delayed, so

we were unable to provide a full review. Secondly, with the Thanks-

giving Holiday and busy schedules around here, we were unable to get

all the articles together in time for a separate December issue. We

apologize sincerely for this.

Anyway, we hope you like the January/February issue. Here are some

of the headlines you will find inside:

* AdLib Gold Card Delayed

* Brief reviews of three interesting Windows 3.0 programs

* New Game Releases for 1992

* Coming products and attractions for the New Year

* Psygnosis releases "Oh No! More Lemmings!"

* Our first Super-VGA page (see GN9201V3.GIF)

* Accolade Vs. Sierra Vs. LucasGames - Who Makes the Best Adventures?

* and much much more.

Files in this archive:

GN9201-1.GIF --- Page 1

GN9201-2.GIF --- Page 2

GN9201V3.GIF --- Page 3 (Super-VGA 256 Color Page)

GN9201.TXT --- This file (From the Desk of the Editor)

GN-DISKS.TXT --- How to get .MOD files for Sound Blaster

GIFNEWS.ADS --- How to advertise in GIF News

BACKISSU.TXT _ --- Description of all back issues of GIF News

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ORDER.TXT _/ scanning of images at a very affordable price

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Free advertising GIFNEWS.ADS for more details.

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Also, if you're anonymously FTP'ing, and come across some files you

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month (January in this case).

So be sure to look for in the beginning of March.

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Eric Hsiao


Jan. 3, 1992




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Issue # Date Description

------- ---- -----------

01 Nov/Dec 1988 Reviews of Leisure Suit Larry II, Fire Power,

GN88-11 and Sentinel Worlds, a short autobiography of

Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.

02 Feb/Mar 1989 Virus protection safeguards, review of Police

GN89-02 Quest II, "Are MS-DOS Games Getting Better"

editorial, game hints to Leisure Suit Larry 2.

03 May/June 1989 Industry news, Space Quest ]I[ review, 1st

GN89-05 annual Sight & Sound Awards, "Taito Games Are

Terrible" editorial.

04 July/Aug 1989 Nintendo Game Hints (Super Mario Bros 2, Rad

GN89-07 Racer, Karnov), Reviews of 4 different driving

simulation games (Vette, Test Drive 2, Lombard

Rally, F40 Pursuit Simulator), Review of the

game Caveman Ugh-Lympics, a short overview of

Lotus 123 Release 3.

05 Nov/Dec 1989 Review of Maxis' Sim City, the new Tears For

GN89-11 Fears CD "Seeds of Love", and a review of

Sierra's Manhunter II.

06 Jan/Feb 1990 A Look back at the eighties, review of Sierra's

GN90-01 the Colonel's Bequest, and a overview of music

cards (AdLib, GameBlaster, SoundBlaster, &

Roland), the best VGA games.

07 Mar/Apr 1990 "Do Sound Cards Really Sound that Good?"

GN90-03 editorial, a profile of the Channel 1(tm) BBS

in Cambridge, MA, review of Access' Crimewave

and Bitmap Bros' Xenon II, look at digitizing


08 May/June 1990 Detailed look at the VGA and VESA video

GN90-05 standard, the Ultima VI built-in cheat, the

World of Amiga show in New York City.

09 July/Aug 1990 Request for BBS distribution sites, Computer

GN90-07 Industry News, a look at the Sound Blaster card,

a review of Spectrum Holobytes' Faces game.

10 Sept/Oct 1990 Review of the games Atomix & Puzznik, a look at

GN90-09 Battlechess II and future game releases, v.42

& v.42bis - what their advantages are.

11 Nov/Dec 1990 Look at the TrakBlaster program, new Flight

GN90-11 Simulator scenery disks, Reviews of games

Spellcasting 101 and Jones in the Fast Lane,

the Amiga Video Toaster by NewTek, Being a

Game Designer for Electronic Arts.

12 Jan/Feb 1991 V.32bis standard, XGA, LaserDiscs, the

GN91-01 controversial Lotus-Equifax CD-ROM CD, "Boo to

Disney Software" editorial, FD-Format, review of

the game Hard Nova.

13 Mar/Apr 1991 Look at Workstations, BBS's pay business rates

GN91-03 on their phone lines, JMPlayer review, Amiga 24

bit graphics, the first VGA page ever.

14 May/June 1991 The Prodigy STAGE.DAT controversy, review of

GN91-05 TrakBlaster v2.0, MediaVision's Pro-Audio

Spectrum, Amiga News, Review of Lemmings.

15 July/Aug 1991 The PC Expo in NYC, look at Creative Labs'

GN91-07 Voice Edit program, hints to the adventure game

Time Quest, a review of the game Armor Alley,

Internet News, and the first-ever GIF News


16 Sept/Oct 1991 Sound Blaster Pro Vs. AdLib Gold, "High Prices

GN91-09 for Game Software" Editorial, Internet News,

Contest Winners Announced.

17 Nov/Dec 1991 Closer look at AdLib Gold, Windows 3.1 news,

GN91-11 Wing Commander II Built-in cheat, Police

Quest III, WordTris, Internet sites, new

releases for various computers.

18 Jan/Feb 1992 AdLib Gold Delayed, Brief Windows 3.0 program

GN92-01 review, Oh No More Lemmings!, 1992 planned

releases, best graphical adventure game company,

first SVGA page, Internet Archie Server.


Jan 2, 1992

Dear GIF News Readers,

The following information was taken from Claude Rains' Release #18

file. We congratulate him and appreciate the work that goes into these

lists. We hope you find it as informative as we have. I, myself, do not

know Claude Rains so please do not direct questions about this list to me.

This should give you a good idea of what games will be coming out in '92.

Happy New Year!

- Editor-in-Chief



Hi all. Claude here. This edition of RELEASES actually snuck up

on me too! I wasn't really planning on putting this out until after

the new year and the Jan. CES show, but such is life. I got a LOT

of new information, got it quick, and thought, "what the heck - let's

just waste a weekend and put this out for out beloved readers!!" You

know I just live for this ... NOT.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Claude's next version of RELEASES and from that time onward

will be written in Word for Windows 2.0. I'm sick of using editors, so if

you're not into Windows, get into it, or get it from someone else, or

whatever. This will be written in W4W2.0 formatted for an HPLJ 3. Same

goes for Capsules.

Battlechess MPC CD/ROM Interplay 12/9

Dusk of the Gods Interstel 12/9

The Secret of Monkey Island 2 Lucasfilms 12/9

Civilization Microprose 12/9

Falcon 3.0 Spectrum Holobyte 12/9

Obitus Psygnosis 12/10

Star Collection Electronic Zoo 12/13

Volfied Empire Software 12/13

The Taking of Beverly Hills Intracorp 12/13

Ninja Turtles: Adventure Konami 12/13

College League Football Microsports/Interplay 12/13

Twilight 2000 Paragon Software 12/13

Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge Readysoft 12/13

Eye of the Beholder 2: Legend of Dark Moon S.S.I. 12/13

UMS II Planet Editor Microprose 12/15

Omar Sharif on Bridge Interplay 12/16

Star Trek Interplay 12/16

Uncharted Waters Koei 12/16

Super Tetris Spectrum Holobyte 12/17

NCAA Road to the Final Four Bethesda Softworks 12/20

Eye of the Storm Empire Software 12/20

Greetings Epyx 12/20

Getaway Epyx 12/20

The Magic Candle II Mindcraft 12/20

Ecoquest I: The Search for Cetus Sierra On-Line 12/20

Baseball Fantasy Manager S.S.I. 12/20

The Godfather U.S. Gold 12/20

Cybercon III U.S. Gold 12/20

Infocom Classics Infocom 12/27

Simpsons: Arcade Konami 12/27

Roller Babes Konami 12/27

Crisis in the Kremlin Spectrum Holobyte 12/27

Megafortress Mission Disk: Op. Sledgehammer Three Sixty 12/27

Conspiracy: The Deadlock Files Accolade 12/31

Hyperspeed Microprose 12/31

Cribbage for Windows - MPC Ninga Software 12/31

King's Quest V - CD/ROM Sierra On-Line 12/31

Paperboy II Software Toolworks 12/31

U.S. Atlas for Windows Software Toolworks 12/31

Jetfighter II Mission Disks Velocity Development 12/31

Magnetic Scrolls Collection (Full) Virgin Games 12/31

Links Courses: Barton Creek Access Software 1/7

Ad-Lib Gold Series Ad-Lib 1/15

Ninja Turtles: Arcade Konami 1/15

MicroLeague Basketball MicroLeague Sports 1/15

Flames of Freedom Microprose 1/15

Planet's Edge New World Computing 1/15

Mantis Experimental Fighter Paragon Software 1/15

Thunderhawk Virgin Games 1/15

Jack Nicklaus Golf: Signature Edition Accolade 1/31

Grand Prix Unlimited Accolade 1/31

Ultrabots Sanction: Earth DataEast 1/31

U.S.S. John Young Digitek 1/31

Hext Digitek 1/31

Second World Digitek 1/31

Pitfighter Domark 1/31

Super Space Invaders Domark 1/31

Powermonger PC Electronic Arts 1/31

Team Yankee 2 Empire Software 1/31

The Cool Croc Twins Empire Software 1/31

Campaign Empire Software 1/31

International Sports Challenge Readysoft 1/31

Lord of the Rings II: The Two Towers Interplay 1/31

Dvorak's Top 30 Interplay 1/31

Dvorak on Typing for Windows Interplay 1/31

Out of this World Interplay 1/31

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Lucasfilms 1/31

SimAnt Maxis 1/31

Final Conflict Microprose 1/31

Fight for Rome Microprose 1/31

Merchant Colony Microprose 1/31

Traders Microprose 1/31

Siege Mindcraft 1/31

Backgammon for Windows - MPC Ninga Software 1/31

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss Origin 1/31

Armorgeddon Psygnosis 1/31

Lemmings Construction Kit Psygnosis 1/31

Guy Spy Readysoft 1/31

Summer Sports Challenge Readysoft 1/31

Chessmaster 3000 for Windows Software Toolworks 1/31

Casino Game Pack for Windows Software Toolworks 1/31

Carriers at War S.S.G. 1/31

California Scenery SubLOGIC 1/31

Theater of War Three Sixty 1/31

Light Quest UBI Soft 1/31

Celtic Legends UBI Soft 1/31

Floor 13 Virgin Games 1/31

Legacy of the Necromancer Virgin Games 1/31

Aces of the Pacific Dynamix 2/15

Mutant Warriors Innerprise 2/15

A.T.A.C. F-23 Microprose 2/15

Ultima 7: The Black Gate Origin 2/15

Battlefield 2000 DataEast 2/28

Birds of Prey Electronic Arts 2/28

American Gladiators Gametek 2/28

Leather Goddess of Phobos II: Gas Pump Girls Infocom 2/28

Champions Konami 2/28

SimAnt for Windows Maxis 2/28

Atominoes Psygnosis 2/28

The Lost Admiral: Scenario Disk Quantum Quality Prod. 2/28

War in the Pacific S.S.I. 2/28

Flight Simulator: Air Force Primary Trainer SubLOGIC 2/28

Megafortress Scenario Editor Three Sixty 2/28

John Madden Football II Electronic Arts 3/1

Abandoned Places Electronic Zoo 3/15

Cyberspace Empire Software 3/15

SimCity - CD/ROM Maxis 3/15

Sea Rogue Microprose 3/15

Greens Microprose 3/15

Darklands Microprose 3/15

Robocop 3D Ocean 3/15

Strike Commander Origin 3/15

Space, Inc. Raw Entertainment 3/15

Links for Windows 3.0 - MPC Access Software 3/31

Carmen Sandiego Deluxe: CD/ROM Broderbund 3/31

Dog Eats Dog World Disney Software 3/31

Roller Coaster Construction Set Disney Software 3/31

Car and Driver Electronic Arts 3/31

Liberty or Death Koei 3/31

Dream Web Live Studios 3/31

SimCity for Windows Maxis 3/31

A-Train Maxis 3/31

Conquest Microprose 3/31

Civil War Ninga Software 3/31

Darkman Ocean 3/31

Navy Seals Ocean 3/31

Elf Ocean 3/31

Suez '73 Raw Entertainment 3/31

Police Quest I: VGA Sierra On-Line 3/31

Horse Racing: Jockey Competition Sporttime 3/31

Basketball: Pro League Module Sporttime 3/31

Time Gates Symtus 3/31

Dune Virgin Games 3/31

Cybernet Virgin Games 3/31

NFL Challenge 3.0 XOR Corporation 3/31

Links Pro Access Software 4/30

T.V. Sports Football II Konami 4/30

T.V. Sports Basketball II Konami 4/30

Tom Landry Football Merit 4/30

Mercenaries Mindcraft 4/30

Epic Ocean 4/30

Fleet Commander Raw Entertainment 4/30

Space Quest IV - CD/ROM Sierra On-Line 4/30

Heimdall Virgin Games 4/30

World Circuit Microprose 5/15

B-17 Microprose 5/15

Links Gold Access Software 5/31

Flight Simulator 5/31 BAO 5/31

Cyberfight Electronic Arts 5/31

Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space Interplay 5/31

Laura Bow II: The Dagger of Amon Ra Sierra On-Line 5/31

Tower Sim Wesson International 5/31

Links Multimedia Access Software 6/30

"Amazon Adventure" Access Software 6/30

Prince of Persia II Broderbund 6/30

Willie Beamish: Further Adventures Dynamix 6/30

Sherlock Holmes Electronic Arts 6/30

Populous II Electronic Arts 6/30

Son of Zeus Electronic Zoo 6/30

Kawasaki Gametek 6/30

Sword of Sodan Innerprise 6/30

Dragon Wars II Interplay 6/30

Mean Time Interplay 6/30

Megatraveller 3 Paragon Software 6/30

Solitaire's Journey: 1998 Quantum Quality Prod. 6/30

Battle for Guadalcanal Raw Entertainment 6/30

Quest for Glory I: VGA Sierra On-Line 6/30

Omniplay Football Sporttime 6/30

Omniplay Baseball Sporttime 6/30

Warlords II S.S.G. 6/30

True Classics Golf: Pebble Beach T&E Software 6/30

True Classics Golf: Wailea T&E Software 6/30

V for Victory Three Sixty 6/30

Realms Virgin Games 6/30

Dune: The Battle for Arrakis Virgin Games 6/30

Kyrandia Virgin Games 6/30

Race to Mars Wesson International 6/30

Checkmate for Windows Interplay 7/31

Wing Commander II: Special Ops. #2 Origin 7/31

Patriot Three Sixty 7/31

2300 A.D. Bethesda Softworks 8/31

Stunt Island Disney Software 8/31

Leisure Suit Larry I - CD/ROM Sierra On-Line 8/31

Avenger A-10 Spectrum Holobyte 8/31

Gretzky Hockey III Bethesda Softworks 9/30

Terminator 2029: Man's Battle for Survival Bethesda Softworks 9/30

SimCity II Maxis 9/30

Sim-Life Maxis 9/30

Frozen Jungle Mindcraft 9/30

King's Quest VI Sierra On-Line 9/30

Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War Sierra On-Line 9/30

Space Quest V Sierra On-Line 9/30

NFL Challenge CD-I XOR Corporation 9/30

Links Course Designer Access Software 10/31

"Tennis Simulation" Access Software 10/31

Wing Commander III Origin 10/31

Spectre Velocity Development 10/31

Magic Candle III Mindcraft 11/30

"Codename: Iceman" Sequel Sierra On-Line 11/30

"Fantasy Multi-Player" Game SimSystems 11/30

Victory at Sea Three Sixty 11/30

Harpoon 2.0 w/ Pacific Battleset Three Sixty 11/30

Paragon Golf Paragon Software 12/92

Megafortress "2-Player / Wingman" Three Sixty 12/92

Winter Olympics Three Sixty 12/92

NCAA Football Bethesda Softworks 1993

AH-64 Attack Chopper Spectrum Holobyte 1993

Harpoon Gold Three Sixty 1993

Jetfighter III Velocity Development 1993

Tank 2.0 Spectrum Holobyte 1994*

The following titles are listed as TBD (To Be Determined) at this point

as the developer has only released preliminary information regarding the

title with no expectation on completion, or the game title is simply up

in their as to it's status. Watch here for further developments on these

titles as time passes. Please keep in mind that "TBD" titles change

radically over time. Many are simply cancelled.

Links Courses: Harbor Town Access Software TBD

Links Courses: Mauna Kea Access Software TBD

Links Courses: Merion Access Software TBD

Links Courses: "Irish" Access Software TBD

Links Courses: "Australian" Access Software TBD

Where in Space is Hans Solo Broderbund TBD

Ancient Art of War in the Skies Broderbund TBD

Lode Runner II Broderbund TBD

Heaven and Earth Disney Software TBD

Heart of China II Dynamix TBD

Red Baron Mission Disk Dynamix TBD

"Science Fiction" RPG Dynamix TBD

Pinball Dynamix TBD

Rise of the Dragon II Dynamix TBD

Earthling Electronic Arts TBD

Dungeon Master FTL Games TBD

Chaos Strikes Back FTL Games TBD

Star Fleet III Interstel TBD

MIDI Music Teacher Koei TBD

"Planetary Exploration" Game Mindcraft TBD

"System Space Simulator" Origin TBD

Barbarian II Psygnosis TBD

Amnios Psygnosis TBD

Aquaventura Psygnosis TBD

Leander Psygnosis TBD

"Maze Game" Psygnosis TBD

"Fractal PC Engine" Psygnosis TBD

Castles and Catapaults Quantum Quality Prod. TBD

King's Quest II - VGA Sierra On-Line TBD

King's Quest III - VGA Sierra On-Line TBD

Scary Tales Sierra On-Line TBD

Fireteam 2200 Scenario Construction Kit SimSystems TBD

Citatel of the Black Sun S.S.I. TBD

"Buck Rogers" Sequel S.S.I. TBD

"Korean War" Military Sim. S.S.I. TBD

Carrier Strike S.S.I. TBD

B-70 Valkyrie Three Sixty TBD

The Koshan Conspiracy UBI Soft TBD


Monopoloy Deluxe Virgin Games TBD

Monopoly for Windows Virgin Games TBD

Monopoly - CD/ROM Virgin Games TBD

"AWACS" Sim. Wesson International TBD

* New Record!

Lots 'o new stuff coming out next year, and that's not all, I'm sure. Take

special note of RELEASES #19 as it will have the post-CES report in it, which

is always exciting with many new titles coming out. As always, if you have

any questions, you know where to reach me.

Anyway, take care all.

Claude Rains

"Illigitimus Non Carborundum"

12/7/91 - May they rest in peace

9:14 p.m.




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achieve different notes on the scale. As a result, you get

song files that are very realistic sounding, and are much better than

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DAC. Several programs out there exist for the PC to playback these

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For EGA users, there is JMPLAY, and for VGA users, there's the ever

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TetraComposer, available through Creative Labs, will also let you play

these files back. Although there are literally thousands of .MOD files

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Bulletin Board Systems. And you wish you had more, but don't want to

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I have a solution to those people who want more, but can't find more.

I have amassed about 10 megs of .MOD files, and would like to share them

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Introducing the GIF News .MOD file server

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Instructions and Order Form.

Alter-Image Complete Scanning Services offers the highest quality scans

currently available to the public for the lowest possible prices. Scanning

resolution of up to 800 Dpi with up to 16.7 MILLION individual colors is

possible, resulting in near photographic quality images. Images can be

created from any photograph or item (8"x11"x1" max.). To order, send a

completed copy of this order form (which can be printed), your photograph

or item, and a check or money order, made out to "Alter-Image" for the

appropriate amount. Pricing is as follows: $5.00 per scanned image (using

standard options) + $2.00 shipping and handling (up to two disks). The

additional options (custom Dpi scans, 16.7 million color) listed have prices

that are higher due to their larger file sizes and longer scan times. Call

for a price quote of these non-standard options before ordering, please.

Assume that each standard scan will have a file length of about 50K. If you

send multiple images, and their total disk usage is greater than 2 disks,

please add the specified additional shipping and handling charge.


| Standard Options ($5.00/scan) |

| (Check one box in each column) |

| |

| Screen Resolution | # of Colors | Disk Format |


| [] 320x200 | [] 2 | [] 5 1/4" 360k |

| [] 640x200 | [] 4 | [] 5 1/4" 1.2M (HD) |

| [] 640x350 | [] 16 | [] 3 1/2" 720k |

| [] 640x480 | [] 256 | [] 3 1/2" 1.44M (HD) |


| Additional Non-Standard Options |

| (This section optional - call for pricing) |

| |

| [] 1024x768 [] 16.7 Million Color Scan |

| |

| [] Custom Dpi setting/resolution (70-800 dpi) |

| Horizontal Dpi______ |

| Vertical Dpi______ |


| Image Formats |

| |

| [] .gif [] .tif [] .tif (compressed) |

| [] .pcx [] .tga [] .bmp |

| [] .msp [] .eps |


| Total cost:_______ ($5/scan + $2 p/h for every 2 disks) |


All items sent become property of Alter-Image Inc. if no provision

is made for their return. If you desire your items returned, please

send a self-addressed stamped envelope (package) of sufficient size

and with sufficient postage. They will be returned promptly.

Alter-Image also does photo-retouching, 8 color plotting, and

photographic computer-image downloading. For information on these other

graphic services, call during regular business hours (CDT).