GIF News Issue 23

January / February 1993


GIF News

January/February 1993

Issue #23

. (C)1993 Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.

. Release date: January 2, 1992

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------------------- From the Desk of the Editor -------------------------

Hi, this is Eric Hsiao, the creator of GIF News. Thanks for taking the

downloading GIF News. We are back from our two month hiatus, and many

of you may be wondering what happened to the November/December 1992 issue.

Things got hectic around that time and there wasn't enough time to finish

that issue. It was then decided that the issue was to be scrapped and

that work on the January issue begin. I apologize for the delay and hope

it doesn't happen again.

In this issue, you will find articles on: Nintendo threatens PC Board

sysops, US Robotics lowers some modem prices, a review of the Wordup

Graphics Toolkit and Lemmings 2: The Tribes, and Soundcards: Pro

AudioSpectrum news, Soundblaster 16, and new Aria wavetable cards.

If you find the information in this issue of GIF News useful and

helpful, please consider a small donation of around $5 to help cover

long distance telephone charges incurred from the distribution

of GIF News.

So, sit back and enjoy the issue. Please feel free to send me any

comments and questions you may have.

Our next issue will be March/April 1993. Look for it around Mar 1st.


Eric Hsiao

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GN9301.TXT --- This file (From the Desk of the Editor)

GIFNEWS.ADS --- How to advertise in GIF News

BACKISSU.TXT --- Description of all back issues of GIF News


7 Files Total

Again, GIF News is released as "Like-ware". Feel free to copy and

give it to friends, and if you "like" reading GIF News, please consider a

small donation to cover my long distance bills. Again, copying GIF News

is permitted, provided no modifications of any kind are made to any of

the files in this archive. This includes the addition or deletion of

files to and from this archive (i.e. no unauthorized BBS ads allowed).

.ZIP comments are okay.

Please upload GIF News to a couple of your favorite boards. Any bit

of distribution helps. By the way, a PostScript Laser Printer would really

be appreciated here. It would enable us to send hardcopies of GIF News to

those who want it on paper. If you know of any office/computer supply

auctions, please let me know.

Free advertising GIFNEWS.ADS for more details.

Special note to Internet readers: If you would like to be a

GIF News subscriber, just send me E-mail and I will add you to the

mailing list. GIF News will be uuencoded and sent to you via E-mail.

Many uudecoders exist for both unix and ms-dos platforms. If you are

unable to handle the .ZIP format on your machine, let me know and I

will send you the file in an LHARC, ARJ, ZOO, or ARC format.

Also, if you're anonymously FTP'ing, and come across some files you

think might be GIF News, you can easily tell which issue is up by

looking at the filename. For example, the filename is: <-- The 'gn' stands for GIF News, the '93' re-

presents the year, and the '01' is the

month (January in this case).

So be sure to look for in the beginning of March.

Several FTP sites you might want to look for GIF News are: /pub/ /graphics/gif-news /pub/misc/gif-news

For the easiest way to contact me, please check out the following:

Note: Besides US Postal Mail, I check my Internet E-Mail most often.

How to reach me:

US Mailing Address

Eric Hsiao

7 Fair Way

Poughkeepsie, New York 12603-5014



Internet: <--------- Quickest way to contact me





MCI Mail:

TO: Eric Hsiao (EMS)

EMS: Internet


MBX: [press ENTER key]



The following bulletin boards are GIF News distribution sites, which means

you can call them up and get the latest issue (or older issues):

Bulletin Boards:

Radio Daze (219) 256-2255

IDS DataForum (401) 884-7564 Internet FTP/TELNET access

Strat's Asylum (407) 269-2495

Software Creations (508) 368-4137 Dual Standard

Cygnus' BBS (508) 343-8848

Quandra BBS (602) 527-8895

Channel 1 (617) 354-8873 50 Access Lines

DataCOM (813) 796-5627 USR 16.8K HST/v32bis

Patchbay (818) 441-3965 Dual Standard

MMT-80/SF (914) 297-2915 USR Dual/Standard

(914) 297-5623 Node 2

PC Pitstop (914) 298-1914 USR 16.8K HST/v32bis

Executive Network (914) 667-4567 USR Dual/Standards (multi-line)

The Catalyst BBS +27-41-342859 HST & V.32bis Dual/Standard

+27-41-341122 HST


Remember, just do a search for GN*.* for GIF News files. On Compuserve,

go to the GAME forum and go to the online electronic magazines file section

and search for keyword GIF NEWS.

Sysops: If you want your BBS on this list, please let me know.

If you are interested in hiring a full time graphics artist or computer

systems engineer, please contact me. I have experience with creating

computer graphics and video as well as skills in Windows, Lotus 123, Word

for Windows, Modems & Communications, Unix, Pascal, C, and PC Hardware &

Peripheral Installation. I'm also interested in working in the field of


Contact me and I will send/FAX you a resume.

--------------------- Thank-you for downloading and reading GIF News,

Eric Hsiao


January 2, 1993




** Descriptions of every single issue of GIF News that has come out **

If you want any of these issues, just send a Self-Addressed-Stamped-

Envelope and a blank floppy (5.25 or 3.5) and I'll copy them over for you.

Each issue is around 100K zipped. Please don't forget to include the


Or send a check/money order (see GN9209.TXT for the address)

Cost per each 360K disk (5.25) = $ .75

Cost per each 720K disk (3.5) = $1.25

Add $.75 for shipping - average size of an issue is around

80,000-100,000 bytes.

Or call any of the bulletin boards listed in the GN9209.TXT file.

Issue # Date Description

------- ---- -----------

01 Nov/Dec 1988 Reviews of Leisure Suit Larry II, Fire Power,

GN88-11 and Sentinel Worlds, a short autobiography of

Hsiao & Hunter, Inc.

02 Feb/Mar 1989 Virus protection safeguards, review of Police

GN89-02 Quest II, "Are MS-DOS Games Getting Better"

editorial, game hints to Leisure Suit Larry 2.

03 May/June 1989 Industry news, Space Quest ]I[ review, 1st

GN89-05 annual Sight & Sound Awards, "Taito Games Are

Terrible" editorial.

04 July/Aug 1989 Nintendo Game Hints (Super Mario Bros 2, Rad

GN89-07 Racer, Karnov), Reviews of 4 different driving

simulation games (Vette, Test Drive 2, Lombard

Rally, F40 Pursuit Simulator), Review of the

game Caveman Ugh-Lympics, a short overview of

Lotus 123 Release 3.

05 Nov/Dec 1989 Review of Maxis' Sim City, the new Tears For

GN89-11 Fears CD "Seeds of Love", and a review of

Sierra's Manhunter II.

06 Jan/Feb 1990 A Look back at the eighties, review of Sierra's

GN90-01 the Colonel's Bequest, and a overview of music

cards (AdLib, GameBlaster, SoundBlaster, &

Roland), the best VGA games.

07 Mar/Apr 1990 "Do Sound Cards Really Sound that Good?"

GN90-03 editorial, a profile of the Channel 1(tm) BBS

in Cambridge, MA, review of Access' Crimewave

and Bitmap Bros' Xenon II, look at digitizing


08 May/June 1990 Detailed look at the VGA and VESA video

GN90-05 standard, the Ultima VI built-in cheat, the

World of Amiga show in New York City.

09 July/Aug 1990 Request for BBS distribution sites, Computer

GN90-07 Industry News, a look at the Sound Blaster card,

a review of Spectrum Holobytes' Faces game.

10 Sept/Oct 1990 Review of the games Atomix & Puzznik, a look at

GN90-09 Battlechess II and future game releases, v.42

& v.42bis - what their advantages are.

11 Nov/Dec 1990 Look at the TrakBlaster program, new Flight

GN90-11 Simulator scenery disks, Reviews of games

Spellcasting 101 and Jones in the Fast Lane,

the Amiga Video Toaster by NewTek, Being a

Game Designer for Electronic Arts.

12 Jan/Feb 1991 V.32bis standard, XGA, LaserDiscs, the

GN91-01 controversial Lotus-Equifax CD-ROM CD, "Boo to

Disney Software" editorial, FD-Format, review of

the game Hard Nova.

13 Mar/Apr 1991 Look at Workstations, BBS's pay business rates

GN91-03 on their phone lines, JMPlayer review, Amiga 24

bit graphics, the first VGA page ever.

14 May/June 1991 The Prodigy STAGE.DAT controversy, review of

GN91-05 TrakBlaster v2.0, MediaVision's Pro-Audio

Spectrum, Amiga News, Review of Lemmings.

15 July/Aug 1991 The PC Expo in NYC, look at Creative Labs'

GN91-07 Voice Edit program, hints to the adventure game

Time Quest, a review of the game Armor Alley,

Internet News, and the first-ever GIF News


16 Sept/Oct 1991 Sound Blaster Pro Vs. AdLib Gold, "High Prices

GN91-09 for Game Software" Editorial, Internet News,

Contest Winners Announced.

17 Nov/Dec 1991 Closer look at AdLib Gold, Windows 3.1 news,

GN91-11 Wing Commander II Built-in cheat, Police

Quest III, WordTris, Internet sites, new

releases for various computers.

18 Jan/Feb 1992 AdLib Gold Delayed, Brief Windows 3.0 program

GN92-01 review, Oh No More Lemmings!, 1992 planned

releases, best graphical adventure game company,

first SVGA page, Internet Archie Server.

19 Mar/Apr 1992 Reviews of two VGA shareware games: Scorched

GN92-03 Earth and Galactix, short look at two multi-

media groups, the new US Robotics 16.8K Modem,

SupraCorp's v32bis modem, industry news,

coming Apogee releases, $49 CD full of share-

ware and public domain software.

20 May/June 1992 IBM/compatible sound cards reviews. Pro Audio

GN92-05 Spectrum 16, AdLib Gold 1000, Sound Blaster Pro

comparison chart.

21 July/Aug 1992 PC Expo #10 - news straight from the show!

GN92-07 Reviews of Dagger of Amon Ra & Classic Tetris

Soundcard news on Gravis Ultrasound and

telecommunication news on standard

and US Robotics new line of modems.

22 Sept/Oct 1992 Special Telecommunications issue, covering

GN92-09 modems, BBS software, and communication

terminal programs for PC's, Amigas, and Macs.

23 Jan/Feb 1993 Nintendo threatens PC Board sysops, US Robotics

GN93-01 lowers some prices, Wordup Graphics Toolkit

review, soundcard news on new Aria wavetable

cards, and Lemmings 2: The Tribes review.



Policy updated for May 1992, subject to change.

Advertising in SIMPLE and EASY in GIF News, and very very affordable.

Basically a small ad, roughly under 1/5 the size of a full page, will be

free of charge. Often times these are ads for Bulletin Board Systems.

GIF News is read by thousands of readers throughout the world. Besides

the standard way of distribution through Bulletin Board Systems, GIF News

travels by means of the worldwide Network of Internet which reaches many

countries such as Japan, Australia, Norway, Finland, Canada, USA, France,

Great Britain, Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico, and more. GIF News can also

be found on the Compuserve Game Forum in the Magazines download section.

Here are some guidelines to follow for advertising in GIF News:

1. If short and small, the ad is free of charge. I may add

some simple graphics to make the ad a little more interesting.

2. If advertising a BBS:

a. Send me a normal-access user account pre-registered. In

other words, add an Eric Hsiao to your user roster and

pick a password and send it to me (along with your ad).

b. If you want your ad to be in more than one issue, you

must let me know for which issues, individually.

This will help me keep track of which boards are still up

and which ones have gone down. This will save our readers

from the trouble of dialing long distance to a board and

getting a "Sorry, the number you have dialed has been

disconnected..." I am unable to accept requests, for example,

that say "Please put my BBS ad for the next 10 issues." If

you want your BBS ad to be in the next 10 issues, you must notify

me before the deadline of each of those 10 issues that you want

your ad in. In other words, for 10 ads, you must make 10 requests

for ad space.

3. If contributing money for an ad:

a. A full page with customized drawn graphics by me will general-

ly run around $75 - add $25 for each additional issue that you

want the ad in.

b. Pre-supplied/drawn graphics full page size will generally

be around $50 - add $25 for each additional issue that you

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c. Half a page of custom graphics will run around $30 - add $10

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d. Pre-supplied/drawn graphics half size will be around $15 -

add $10 for each additional issue that you want the ad in.

e. Please keep in mind that these are only general numbers, I am

very flexible and will negotiate. Also, unlike the FREE BBS

ad policy, you can request that your ad be in for a certain

number of issues (ex. "Please put my full page ad in the

January issue for a contribution of $50, plus I would like

to see it in the March/April and May/June issues for an

additional contribution of $50 (2 x $25). See above for

contribution guidelines.

f. Contributions not need be in the form of monetary units

(money). Instead, products of interest to me such as a

PostScript Laser Printer, CD-ROM drive, etc. would really

be appreciated.

4. Any legitimate commercial/business/organization/group/individual

can advertise in GIF News. GIF News retains the right to refuse

any advertisement due to content, space considerations, or

other reasons. We try to screen all advertisers for legitimacy.

Complaints against advertisers should be directed toward the

advertiser or the Better Business Bureau, not GIF News.

5. The final deadline for the next issue is 10 days before the issue

is to come out. In other words, for the Mar/Apr 1993 issue,

I must have the ad in my hands by February 21, 1993.